Increase your online sales

5 ways to increase your online sales.

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of every business owner. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make more sales online, many of which you can implement right

Here are 5 ways you can start increasing your sales today,

Don't underestimate the power of customer testimonials and product reviews.

In today’s social media environment, customer feedback has never been more important. Fortunately, this means that your satisfied customers can provide you with one of the most valuable pieces of information you can share with your potential customers,

Honest customer reviews are very influential, it's one thing to say that your products are great, but when you have proof that consumers agree your products are great it makes it easier for first time buyers on your site to be confident that your products are worth the investment.

Use your copy as an opportunity to answer every question.

When it comes to selling online you can't make assumptions about your prospective customers’ knowledge of your product. Many businesses mistakenly believe their customers know more about what they’re selling than they actually do, which results in unanswered questions that are failed to be answered, this can harm your sales.

Consider every question you can possibly think of about your product, and answer it in your copy on your product pages. This way you’re giving your prospects exactly what they need to make an informed decision. If you’re worried there’s too much copy, you can make it simple. Just remember to keep the focus on your customer and how your products will benefit them, not why your business is so great.

Invest in mobile optimization.

The number of online businesses with poorly designed, badly optimized mobile sites is outstanding.

Most of your online traffic will come from a mobile device. This is why mobile optimization is very important for your small Ecommerce business.

If your mobile site is hard to navigate the chances if people exiting your website is very high.

When designing your website think of your mobile visitors and do everything you possibly can to make it effortless for them to buy from you while they’re on the go.

If you need help optimizing your sites mobile view we can help.

Define your value proposition.

A lot of small business owners waste time focusing on themselves. It's important to understand that people buy thing to solve their own problems. The majority of consumers do not care about you or your business, they only care about what's in it for them and how buying from you will benefit them.

This is where your value proposition comes in handy.

Essentially, your value proposition is the primary reason customers should buy from you, not your competitors, and the promise of the value consumers will receive by investing in whatever you’re selling. Value propositions can be broken down into three main areas:

  • Relevance: How your product/service will solve customers’ problems

  • Quantifiable value: The specific benefits your product/service offers

  • Differentiator: Why customers should buy from you and not a competing business.

When you break down a value proposition into these three components, it becomes easy to see why these elements should inform virtually everything about your marketing messaging and site content, from the copy on your homepage to the content of your email marketing campaigns.

Take a look at your landing page copy and marketing materials. Is the value proposition immediately obvious? If not, you might have some work to do. Everything your prospects see should tie back to your value proposition in one way or another. The greater the perceived value you can create surrounding your products, the more sales you’ll make.

Download the CEO Planner, and use our Value proposition worksheet.

Offer great customer service.

Consumers are more likely to buy from businesses that resolve user complaints efficiently. That is why your store must offer effective customer service to your customers.

  1. Add Live Chat option to your ecommerce store.

  2. Allow chatbots to answer frequently asked questions. This will decrease the number of chats you have to answer manually and increase the number of orders you get.

  3. Send personalized email messages to your customers and reply to them immediately in case of complaints

Remember that increasing the number of orders you get on your ecommerce stores is a gradual process. You won’t see a change over night. However, you will see a significant increase in your store’s order volume if you start making little changes here and there.

Download the small business guide to learn more on how to increase your sales and run a profitable business.

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